Temptations of Hell

In the artwork, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, by William Blake, it shows the contrast between heaven and hell through figures of heaven and hell, and natural things that symbolize death and life. There are two figures at the bottom of the page that are perceived as beings of heaven and hell. They are touching arms and look as if they are struggling to reach for each other because they are worlds apart from each other. Such as in the ballad The Daemon-lover, which tells the tale of  a woman who is sucked into love with someone worlds apart from her. She is convinced to leave everything that she has ever known to experience something with someone that is completely new to her. She risks her home and family by going off on a scandalous adventure. Her fate is set, she gets on a boat with the mysterious man, realizes that he is the devil, and then the ship sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Image result for the marriage of heaven and hell by william blake

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