Mady’s Volleyball Career

Hello, my name is Mady. Ever since I could remember my family has been into soccer, my dad played it, I’ve always grown up playing it, and now, my little brother plays. I really had not found the passion for any other sports I tried other than soccer. It was the main sport I played since i was 4 years old. I had tried gymnastic, cheer, and even karate, but still, I did not love it as much as soccer. When I was 10, I was about to start another recreation season of soccer, when I broke my foot in a bit of a clumsy situation. During that period I was able to think through not being able to play that season. That’s when I got the idea to start playing volleyball. I started out playing at the YMCA. That’s when I realized I loved the sport, sure I was not the best at it at this point, but I still loved it. 2018-08-09 14_56_29.855

Now I am able to play the sport I love with my friends over at ACHS. This has become something that I use to release stress, and just make my days a whole lot better. My go to if I want to brighten my dreary days is to get on the court. I am left handed and play mainly right side hitter, but I also play outside.  I also have the amazing opportunity to play volleyball on a travel team. I hope to be able to continue and play on a college team someday.



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